We interviewed each other and hit it off! He was hired! John was amazing at being at my beck and call, he made me feel like I was priority when I’m sure he was juggling other jobs. He kept ME in line as the day got closer with a checklist of things to provide as well. As he edits I got photos sent as well to see the progress, he offered SO many options as well, such as metal art, coffee table books etc. My photos are amazing and I couldn’t be happier! Thank you John!

Dane Lawson

John is a passionate photographer and a great guy to have on your side when it comes time to do your engagement, wedding, or elopement photos. He went out of the way to plan a fun trek into a zero reception area for our photoshoot, and we were extremely happy with the results. As a couple, we typically don't act very "passionate" or "serious" and are much more goofy, but John was able to draw that emotion out of us and also let us be silly every now and then.