- Why I do it-

capturing memories and Building relationships

As a wedding photographer, I believe that my job is so much more than simply taking photos. That is only the very basic part of what I do.

I am there to make moments last a lifetime. I am there to capture a memory so fleeting, it may escape even those experiencing it. I am there to memorialize love, joy, and intimacy.

And I don’t take this responsibility lightly. Quite the contrary, I see it as the most important work I can do for you. Capturing these moments, these brief interactions of love and joy, starts with one very important thing:

A relationship!

It is very important to me that I build a personal, unique, and supportive relationship with all of my couples. The engagement season is a once-in-a-lifetime experience; it’s new and wonderful and maybe a little scary, and that’s why I’m here to help guide you through it. From Day 1 of our relationship, I will strive to get to know you both on a personal level. It is my goal to help you grow together as a couple through the expressions of love you put into my camera.

With me, you can expect a hands-on photo experience. I’ll help you remain at-ease by providing helpful suggestions and guidance throughout the entire experience, and I’ll help you strengthen your relationship by building trust in one another.

Creating this relationship, creating an atmosphere of love surrounding your big day, and creating beautiful, memorable photographic art is what this job is about for me. In fact, I see it as less of a job and more of an opportunity. Producing the photographic evidence of the memories you’ll cherish forever is absolutely priceless. These moments happen in an instant, and they happen with people you may never have an opportunity to interact with again. I get to make those moments last forever for you, and that is truly an honor.

- John Kiepke

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