What to Wear for your Adventure Wedding

Adventure Weddings are still a relatively new trend. They seem to be everywhere, but there are still limited resources available out there for those of you brave enough to undertake the ultimate adventure.

One question I hear often from couples looking to marry this way is “what do we wear?”

This is understandable, because couples are faced with the challenge of maintaining comfort and practicality while simultaneously balancing their desire to look fantastic in their photos.

So, which should you prioritize? Comfort or style?

Would you believe me if I said you can have both? It’s not necessarily EASY, but, based on your decision to have an Adventure Wedding,  I don’t think that “easy” is a common theme in your lives – you like a challenge, and this is just one more hill for you to climb together. Hopefully, this guide will make it a little (dare I say) easier for you.

1. Shop Your Style

One of the greatest things about Adventure Weddings is that they are already a break from tradition. Therefore, you don’t have to follow any of the old rules. If you want to wear a bright-yellow sundress or kaki overalls… YOU CAN. If you want to wear the most traditional of white dresses or a tuxedo… YOU CAN DO THAT TOO. The most important thing is that you shop for what speaks to you. You’ll be most comfortable if you’re wearing something that fits your personality, style, and body.

2. Shop Your Location

This might not seem intuitive, but choosing colors and patterns that pair well with your “venue” will make your photographs look A-MAZ-ING. If you’re getting married in a meadow, consider patterns to balance the simple background behind you. If you’re getting married at sunset against a patterned rock face, consider bright, bold, solid colors. Google your location while you’re shopping. Hold up pictures against the outfits you’re considering, and make sure they look good paired together. It’ll feel a little strange at first, but you’ll be grateful you took this step when you look back on your pictures.

3. Shop Your Body

Every body is beautiful. Everybody is beautiful.

That being said, it’s important to shop for styles, colors, and patterns that fit YOU. Obviously, the most important part of this is simply ensuring that your clothes are the right size. After that, you have as much leeway as you want; find items that highlight your favorite parts of yourself. Love your legs? Flaunt them. Love your booty? Show it off! Again, so much of this is feeling comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing – what better way to ensure this than by choosing clothes that make you look as fabulous as possible? 

4. Shop Sensibly

If you’re hiking, climbing, kayaking, or in some other way trekking to your location, consider purchasing a few comfortable items to wear during the initial journey. If you’re hiking, grab some boots or some decent trail shoes. If you’re climbing, you may want to make sure you’ve got an entire climbing wardrobe, and you can pack in your wedding attire.

Adventuring to your location in your wedding clothes can be exciting, fun, and challenging. There are few photos I’ve seen that are cooler than one of a bride climbing a muddy hillside in a princess-style wedding dress. And if you’re comfortable with that, great! Do it! But, if you’d rather prioritize comfort (and preserve your “official” clothes for the ceremony), consider bringing along some practical alternatives.


This is a simple one.

You only get married once. This day, this adventure, this moment? They are unique and special, and they’re something to be cherished. Therefore, this is the moment when you should #TreatYOSelf. You can shop guilt-free for your dream dress, dream shoes, dream tuxedo, dream boots, dream ANYTHING. This is one of the few times in life when you should feel free to spend as much as you want (obviously within reality, of course) on clothes that make you feel fantastic. Take advantage of it.


Ultimately, no matter what you wear, you want to make sure that you’re feeling confident, comfortable, and ready for your big day. These tips can help guide you, but, again, the best thing about Adventure Weddings is that they have no rules. You can be as wild  or as traditional as you want, and as long as you’re confident in what you’re wearing, you’ll look fantastic.